• Date: September 5, 2017
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Onam is an annual festival with origins in Kerala, heralding peace and prosperity. It falls in the Malayalam calendar month of CHINGAM. This festival commemorates King Mahabali, Vamana (Vishnu Avatar) related mythology of Hinduism.

It is a major annual event for Malayalee people as a start of new year along with summer harvest and celebrated with POOKALAM (FLOWER ARRANGEMENT), VALLAM KALLI ( The annual Nehru Trophy Snake Boat Race) held in the backwaters of ALLAPUZHA, all dress up in traditional attire, women dance THIRUVATHIRA KALLI, and a very large variety of delicious cuisine is prepared etc.

In our school, Grade 7th-B class teacher (who is also French language teacher) Sh. A. Venkat Krishnan, in the early morning of September 4, set up a small flower decoration in the corridor, a poster made of various colour art papers “HAPPY ONAM” placed with the decoration and lamps lit.

All the children saw this and were imparted knowledge about ONAM. A special visit of group of children from Grade 1&2 was made who learnt a lot and a Q & A session was also held.


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