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  • 26-07-2018

    Dear Parents, The PTM for classes Pre-Nur to XII will be held on 28 July 2018 i.e. Saturday between 9:00 am to 12:00 noon. A book fair by “Scholar India Organisation” is on display with a view to motivate children to enjoy reading and enhance knowledge. Please attend the PTM and adhere to the laid down timings.
  • 19-05-2018

    Dear Parents, Our school is organizing a tour to Manali from 25/05/2018 to 29/05/2018(5Nights and 4 days including journey). All the interested Students need to submit an amount of Rs 7500 latest by 22nd/May/2018 in accounts office.
  • Dear Parents, There will be an English Paragraph Writing Competition on topic- “My Birthday or My first dayat the school” on May 22nd i.e. Tuesday. For your information please.
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There are times when we wish if we could contribute towards the better future, nurturing and growth of our children. It becomes crisp and evident that one of the ways to accomplish this, is to put our children in one of the best boarding schools in India for the best of their interests. This is where GD Goenka International School, Rohtak comes in. You would simply be floored by the sheer excellence by which your children be flourished, by the clarity of thoughts they would exert, and the quality human beings they would become with the love, care and academic guidance provided to them by this school which is one of the best residential schools in India.

There’s nothing more fulfilling to parents in life, then to see their children not simply make a name for themselves but progress, exceed and excel in life. This is exactly what you should expect when your children are at GD Goenka International School, Rohtak which is among the top boarding schools in India. Imagine, your children would be free of all the socio-economic differences which usually prevail in the society; cast, creed, religion and culture being a few. All of them would be from the same background and that is purity of thoughts at heart accompanied by state-of-the-art education.

The joy and peace you would have in your minds cannot be explained in words. The children would be able to communicate their thoughts and expressions to all the peers, the boys and girls around them, as they do home. You can expect them to be confident and affirmative of all their actions, they being mentored by the school being among a pack of the best boarding schools in India. The mind of children is like natural water. Further, it can honestly be said, they are just as pure as purity itself. Hence, if they are taught the right things in their initial stage, every child has the potential to become not just good but great individuals. An individual is known for his/her actions, actions are a result of thoughts, which further can be narrowed down to what an individual experiences through his/her upbringing. If that specific period has been an insightful learning experience then the whole life becomes an epic journey which is to be enjoyed for an entire lifetime.

Both our hostels can efficiently accommodate approximately 170 students. Ours being one of the best residential schools in India, You would find the fully furnished rooms complete with study tables, chairs, beds, mattresses, curtains and closets. You would effortlessly notice the ample spaciousness. As every person needs good water, food, shelter and electricity, you would be assured that we have them all. We provide constant electricity, good purified water, a high speed internet connection complete with WiFi facility. The school campus, hostels, buses and every facility is fully air conditioned. The suite rooms are facilitated by attached bathrooms. A sophisticated, clean, hygienic, safe and secure environment is what you would expect from GD Goenka International School, Rohtak being among the top boarding schools in India.

We have constant CCTV monitoring throughout the campus. We believe in highest standards of edutainment which includes providing indoor games, newspapers and a smartly set HDTV network. Laundry services, blankets and bed furnishings are among few of the services we provide to the children. One can be sure of the working order of electrical system, as well as the sanitary system being taken proper care by the required personnel, which includes Hostel Maintenance Staff and also the Hostel Warden. Being among the best boarding schools in India, We strive on providing an awesome experience through means of offering an inspiring ambiance and ready opportunities for all the residents, as they would wish to grow up as responsible and respectable citizens while feeling completely at home.

They are further supported and fostered by a squad of talented teachers. We believe that a student looks for a parent in every teacher he comes across. Hence, special care is always taken to implement thoughts of mutual love and respect among everyone alike, which remarkably puts us among the best residential schools in India. These thoughts accompanied by lush green environment set in a clean and ambient atmosphere accelerates the socio-academic growth of your children like anything.

A host of adventurous sports, a state-of-the-art open air theatre and a multitude of indoor and outdoor games make sure that your children are experiencing the best of both worlds with pleasure. Not only delivering sound education, GD Goenka International School, Rohtak which is among the top boarding schools in India, also exhibits measurable performance and sheer excellence. You may evaluate our exhilarating performance through the basis of competency of staff, development of teachers, special needs education, emphasis to co-curricular education, provisions of infrastructure, academic esteem, personal attention to development of our students, involvement of parents to the process, service to community and clash management.

We are founded with the belief that we are here to stay, which translates to we are built to last, putting us among the best boarding schools in India. We endeavor to persist over time as we would appeal to parents looking for an educational institute which provides high impact education, which targets not just academic training, but also focuses on the shaping of qualitative character, customs of learning throughout life and leading the growth of an honest to god citizen.

The school has a distinctive and strong culture embarked in the its mission and values, formed by institutional legacy making us one of the best residential schools in India, put forward by faith and adaptive to change. Rendering changes to sustain quality is what we strongly believe in. Our boarding facilities are designed with all the principles which lead to development of a sound and qualified individual. Such sort of dedication and compassion may not be found anywhere else, because putting your children in state-of-the-art facilities is a journey we constantly embark upon. We hire passionate professionals who share the same objectives that lay our very foundation and contribute towards the achievement of that common mission leading us to be among the top boarding schools in India.

Our faculty finds joy in their work and put all their heart and soul for shaping up the bright future of your children. GD Goenka International School, Rohtak establishes a curriculum which goes beyond the bounds of academics and is consecrated to the evolution of whole person, round the clock. We tend to deepen your ward’s development intellectually by furnishing the boarding school experience to further put forward the intensity, quality, comprehensiveness and consistency of the academic program, ours being one of the best boarding schools in India. This also heightens the children’s give and take with the teachers and consultant authorities.

We build, restitute, and improve facilities which emphasize communal collaboration, and alleviate effective teaching. It is also believed that a school’s building represents its character and principles. Therefore, it is one of our priorities to keep up the best of architectural work to support and infuse the very principles of GD Goenka International School, Rohtak, which is among the best residential schools in India. The teachers help and support the children as their personal mentors and assist them achieve seemingly impossible feats, which puts faith in children that they’re supported emotionally and physically at performances by their respective teachers. Further, the teachers help the children relocate in hostel facilities, as and when required.

We dare take chances being one of the top boarding schools in India and experiment with learning opportunities to all the children alike. It increases the confidence in student and also magnifies their aptitude to take on various challenges throughout life. All these practices, lead to production of knowledgeable and smart individuals who are sophisticatedly merged with good moral character and high spiritual values. It pays out for the parents and society likewise. A rich immersion experience is also facilitated to the students for purpose of development of the sense of being altogether and united.

We push to accomplish institutional dynamic balance of power by maintaining and succeeding each year the equivalence in the fiscal, physical and human property of the school. Also, we model atmospheric conservation and profound position by sticking to high quality and top rated ideas for conservation and production of energy, reducing trash, increasing food supplies, favouring to enhance the environmental friendliness of the school and hostels. As nature friendly and noble a student is raised to be, he/she would certainly be a role model to the society at a later stage in his/her life. Every boarder is taken as our precious possession and nurtured with the best love and care one could ask for. There have been cases where the students later express their profound gratitude towards us for their achievements in life. The hostel is surely a place where they need as much emotional and psychological support as they would expect home and they are definitely fostered with exactly that, which assists them, soar at extreme heights in life.

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